Parker House VIP

There is no better feeling than skipping the massive line that wraps around the building to get to the very front of the line! Although the elusive VIP card is hard to get a hold of, there are other cards that we offer for special patrons and friends. Learn more about our coveted Parker House courtesy cards.


V. I. P. Card

“Oh my precious” Desired by many, obtained by few, the VIP card is the Parker House’s most prestigious card. The owner of this card is entitled to bypass any patron line as well as any cover charge at the door for the entire summer season. The card owner may also bring one guest per day who can also bypass the line, but must pay any cover charge at the door. The VIP card is also the only card that is renewable every year. All previous cardholders are given the first option to renew their card the following year when our renewal platform opens. Any card that is not renewed by Memorial Day will be offered for purchase to the next person on the V.I.P. waiting list. Parker House V.I.P. Card’s are not transferable and cannot be used by anyone except the cards registered user. The VIP card Waiting List is currently closed. To view your spot on the waitlist click on the link.

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Line Pass - NOT AVAILABLE 2022

“Not too shabby” If the V.I.P card is the platinum standard the Line Pass may be considered the Gold Standard. It’s one and only perk is in its name Line Pass and allows the bearer to bypass all lines for the entire summer. You’ll have to pay the cover charge but relax and take your time this summer it’s V.I.P. access for you! The only way to obtain a Line Pass is to win one on Friday Nights. Line passes are not renewable so enjoy it while it lasts.

One Pass

“I’ll take what I can get” The Parker House giveth… and it taketh away… The One Pass entitles the bearer to bypass any line and any cover charge but only for one day. Walk right on up our V.I.P. access no matter how many folks are waiting in line and present this card at the door. We’ll take it from you and stamp you in so think before you act and make it count. One Pass's are distributed randomly at the Parker House’s discretion as donations, prizes, and gifts. Several One Passes will also accompany prizes on Sunday nights.

Parker House Disclaimer:

Parker House Courtesy Card’s are the sole property of the Parker House.  Possessing any Courtesy Card is a privilege that can be revoked anytime at the Parker House’s discretion for any violation or conduct deemed inappropriate.  These violations include but are not limited to any infractions of the Sea Girt Municipal code, any destructive behavior or aggression toward our property or staff, and any inappropriate actions or behavior with our clientele and neighbors.

Current VIP Waitlist

  • 1. Shannon Barry
  • 2. Sarah Gregg
  • 3. Bianca Librie
  • 4. Mariana Ciocca
  • 5. Dean Flamio
  • 6. Emma Tabacchi
  • 7. Lucy Johnson
  • 8. Justin Murawski
  • 9. Brian Wrubel
  • 10. Jefferson Roach