Legendary Nights

It starts early, after the beach has baked and bronzed and the feeling of doing nothing has fulfilled all it can. Some go home to shower, others come as they are. It’s happy hour as you’ve never seen it! The porches fill, the DJ starts the afternoon beat, and the band gets ready for it’s first set. The aroma of a backyard BBQ fills the air and cocktails begin to flow. The energy builds and the atmosphere engulfs your senses. The sun goes down, the fashion show starts and waves of beautiful people arrive and the greatest house party you’ve ever experienced begins to unfold.

Fully Stocked. Ready to Rock.

Top shelf, bottom shelf, any shelf, the Parker House features 11 fully stocked bars serving everything from Oyster shooters to signature cocktails, summer beers, and popular wines. 16 bartenders are at your service. Even on our busiest nights, you can spend more time dancing and less time waiting.
In the mood for something more refined? For the connoisseur, we offer an extensive collection of handcrafted spirits to sip or mix with our signature cocktails. But you don’t need to go top shelf; our well vodka is SKYY and our mixers are fresh. Longevity derives from quality and we’ve been serving for over 140 years.

Spinning On Vinyl

At the Parker House there’s always a beat, you just have to choose your setting. Light sounds on a sunset wrap around porch dining with the whole family or just a romantic night for two. Back porch raw bar chilling off the beach to summer jams or inside where the city meets the sea and the sexy beat loosens up the atmosphere for conversation and hanging with your friends. Or you can break out of the chill vibe and go subterranean into God’s Basement where live bands and DJs rock the house with music that hits you like a wave of energy.

Are You a VIP?

If not, maybe you should be.